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Steve Hartman     A Martinez     Sonny Vaccaro
Midwest Region 1st Rd Winners
Kentucky           Kentucky           Kentucky
Oregon             Oregon              Oregon
Wisconsin         Wisconsin         Wisconsin
Dayton             Dayton               Dayton
 S.Illinois           Missouri            Missouri 
Marquette         Holy Cross         Marquette
Indiana               Indiana             Alabama
 Pittsburgh         Pittsburgh        Pittsburgh
West Region 1st Rd Winners
Arizona              Arizona             Arizona
Gonzaga            Gonzaga           Gonzaga
    Notre Dame        Notre Dame      Notre Dame
Illinois                Illinois               Illinois
 Creighton           Creighton         Creighton
 Duke                  Duke                 Duke
  Memphis           Arizona St.        Arizona St.
 Kansas              Kansas              Kansas
South Region 1st Rd Winners
Texas               Texas                 Texas
LSU                  LSU                    LSU
 UCONN              BYU                  UCONN
Stanford            Stanford            Stanford
Maryland           Maryland           Marylan
Xavier               Xavier                 Xavier
Colorado          Michigan St.       Colorado
Florida              Florida               Florida
East Region 1st Rd Winners
Oklahoma         Oklahoma         Oklahoma
NC State          NC State            NC State
Miss State        Miss State        Miss State
Louisville          Louisville          Louisville
Oklahoma St.        Penn            Oklahoma St.
Syracuse          Syracuse          Syracuse
St Joseph          Auburn            St Joseph
Wake Forest      Wake Forest    Wake Forest
Midwest Region 2nd Round Winners
Kentucky          Oregon            Kentucky  
Dayton            Wisconsin         Wisconsin
S Illinois         Holy Cross        Marquette
    Pittsburgh      Pittsburgh         Pittsburgh      
West Region 2nd Round Winners
Arizona           Arizona              Arizona
     Illinois            Illinois            Notre Dame
 Duke           Duke                  Duke
Kansas           Kansas             Kansas
 South Region 2nd Round Winners
LSU              Texas             Texas
Stanford         BYU             UCONN
Xavier         Maryland        Maryland
Florida          Florida            Florida
East Region 2nd Round Winners
    Oklahoma     Oklahoma       NC State       
Miss St.        Louisville       Miss St.   
  Syracuse           Penn            Oklahoma St
Wake Forest   Wake Forest   Wake Forest
Midwest Region 3rd Round Winners
Kentucky        Oregon         Kentucky    
Pittsburgh     Pittsburgh      Pittsburgh   
West Region 3rd Round Winners
Illinois          Arizona           Arizona     
Kansas             Duke            Kansas      
South Region 3rd Round Winners
Stanford           BYU             Texas        
Xavier           Florida          Florida    
East Region 3rd Round Winners
Oklahoma         Louisville         Miss St.       
Syracuse      Wake Forest     Wake Forest
Midwest Region Winner
Kentucky        Pittsburgh         Kentucky    
West Region Winner
Kansas           Arizona               Arizona     
South Region Winner
Xavier              Florida              Texas      
East Region Winner
Syracuse         Louisville            Miss St.    
Final Four Semi-Final Winners
Kentucky         Pittsburgh          Arizona     
Syracuse          Louisville             Texas     
2003 NCAA Champion
Kentucky            Pittsburgh         Texas    




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