Vic "The Brick" Jacobs

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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
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The son of Hungarian immigrants, which may account for the Transylvanian tone of his "Good eeeeeevening!" and "FEELING YOU!!" Vic grew up in Queens, NY. He got his degree in Communications from Ivy League--Cornell and then went backpacking through Micronesia. He began his broadcasting career in Guam in 1979 by, among other things, covering cockfights for 15 months on local cable TV. After returning to the States, he polished his act in Roswell, New Mexico, Austin, Texas and now Los Angeles.

Nowadays,  Vic talks more about his amazing wife, Yuko and about a friend who owns an antique furniture store and lately has become a spiritual brother.
After almost two decades as a TV sportscaster and radio personality in LA, Jacobs refuses to be obsolete. The most inventive and metaphoric broadcasters continue to move, as he often says, from darkness to light...thriving in a city that still hasn't decided to embrass or dismiss him. 

This is the evolution.  Now, it's harmony and truth.  The darma, the karma, the whole thing.  I understand (some may think this is schtick), but this is my llife.

Circa 1987--"America's kids have gotten so sophisticated´┐Ż you can't just give 'em the score anymore or they'll tune you out," says Jacobs. "The networks are going crazy. They're asking, 'Why aren't they watching? Why are they all watching cable?' It's because the networks are staid and cable is alive and vibrant. Most sportscasters are still in the '50s and '60s, uptight with the polyester, give 'em the score, don't get emotionally involved. Me, I can't even explain what I'm doing."

Vic does the afternoon updates from noon to 7p on XTRA SPORTS AM570 and they're split between English and Spanish and mixed in with Yiddish and martian--just a reflection, he says, on the melting pot culture of Los Angeles.
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