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Contestant Rules & Regulations

 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament PREDICTION
3/17/05 through 4/4/05


Contest Dates:

This contest will take place on the following event dates:  3/17/05 through 4/4/05. This promotion is subject to all federal, state, and local laws, and is void where prohibited by law.


Who May Enter & Who is Eligible:

This promotional contest is open to legal residents of the United States of all ages with a valid federal or state identification except the following classes of persons who are ineligible to participate:
1.        Employees or family members of employees of XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM,  National Hole-In-One Association and Grand Prize Promotions, or any other promotional agency otherwise associated with this event are not eligible to participate or win this contest.
2.        Persons who have won another contest or promotion of any kind from XTRA SPORTS Radio  within 60 calendar days before the contest are not eligible to participate or win this contest.
3.        You must live or work within the signal coverage area of XTRA SPORTS AM 570.


How to Play:

There is no purchase necessary to enter or participate in the contest. Contest can be entered at www.XTRASPORTSRADIO.com beginning 3/13/2005. Contestants may enter only once. 1000  finalist(s) will be selected for the chance to participate in the contest.  Difficulties with getting to locations to enter the contest are not the responsibility of XTRA SPORTS AM 570.
All eligible entries must be received by 3:00pm on 3/16/05.  Each contestant must fill out our online bracket in entirety to become an official finalist in the conditional grand prize contest giveaway.  Each entry must include all the contestantís information such as: name, address, phone number, and their prediction of all the winners of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. 
The exact prediction of the s must be recorded on the official entry to be considered eligible to become an official finalist prediction.  Any incomplete entries will be disqualified.
All submitted entries will be forwarded to an independent auditor on 3/18/05.  Only the entries actually received by the client, then subsequently submitted to and received by the independent auditor will be eligible for this contest.  Any entry not received by the independent auditor will be disqualified, regardless of the accuracy of the prediction.
In order to claim the Grand Prize:
In order for the grand prize to be awarded, an eligible contestant that submitted a valid entry must have predicted the actual winners of all the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  The contestant must notify the contest sponsor of their correct prediction by the close of business on 4/11/05.  Upon notification, the contestantís actual submitted entry will be compared to the actual results of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.
A Grand Prize winner will be declared only if an eligible contestant has submitted a valid entry that exactly matches the actual results of all winners of the  of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.  If none of the 1000 official finalist prediction(s) matches the actual results of the tournament, no grand prize will be awarded.
In order to be considered a winning attempt:
a.        An eligible contestant must have submitted complete entry by the contest deadline;
b.       The contestantís entry must exactly match the actual winners of the s of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament;
In the event of a winner, the winner will be required to sign an eligibility affidavit and liability release waiver before the prize will be awarded. The winner must come to XTRA SPORTS AM 570 at a mutually agreed date and time at least 2 weeks prior to delivery of the grand prize. The winning contestant will also be required to submit a copy of valid identification (driverís license), and a copy of their social security card. Winner acknowledges that National Hole-In-One Association, Grand Prize Promotions, and XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC have the right to publicize your name, character likeness, photograph, voice and the fact that you are a grand prize winner without further authorization or financial remuneration. Prizes awarded are non-transferable. Failure to collect the prize constitutes forfeiture of the prize. If forfeited, prize will remain property of XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC. Another winner will not be selected. If the winner is found to be in violation of these rules, he/she may be required to forfeit his/her prize.
The grand prizes for this contest are: $1,000,000.00 40-Year Annuity ĖPrize will be awarded in 480 equal monthly installments. Correctly predicting of all 64 games of the 2005 NCAA Menís Basketball Tournament.
A maximum of (1) $1,000,000.00 40-Year Annuity grand prize(s) will be awarded in the event that an eligible contest finalist meets all contest requirements described above, and the terms and conditions of the sponsorís contract. Prizes are non-transferable and are not redeemable for alternative prize substitution. All taxes and associated fees are the responsibility of the grand prize winner. If no finalist successfully predicts the winners exactly and in accordance with the contest rules and sponsorís contract terms and conditions, no $1,000,000.00 40-Year Annuity grand prize will be awarded. XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC is not responsible for and will provide no warranties regarding the use of the grand prize. For a winner list, please send a self-addressed stamped envelope to XTRA SPORTS AM 570, 3400 W. Olive Ave., Burbank, CA, 91505.
XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM reserves the right to make rule or contest changes without notice at any time and reserves the right to change the aforementioned contest date(s) without notice. The decision of XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM management in the interpretation of these rules is final. XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM, their representatives, agencies and employees are not responsible for any liabilities arising directly or indirectly from the award or use of this prize. XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM, their representatives, agencies and employees are not responsible for any changes or difficulties in travel or prize delivery. The decision of XTRA SPORTS AM 570/KLAC-AM management in the interpretation of these rules is final. By participating, persons agree to be bound by the decisions of the judges and the official contest rules.

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